40-something.  Mom, wife, perpetual student…someday I will decide what I want to be for sure when I grow up.  In the meantime I learn, share, blog, photograph and experience/live life in general. Independent Plexus Ambassador that will GLADLY share my personal experiences (good, bad and ugly), just ask!

Tanker/Spousal Unit

Love of my life, best friend, darling dear husband, father to the Screamers, ex-Army, student, OCD-ish.

Spawn #1/X

The eldest, the tinkerer, moderately deaf, absolutely brilliant, sometimes overly sensitive, always all boy.

Spawn #2/B

Sassy smarty pants little fella, my mini me, obsessed with so many things it’s difficult to keep track.

Our Life

Sometimes chaotic, sometimes dull.  Always ours.

The Blog

After six (6) long years on Blogger, happily blogging away about our triumphs and failures, a rather nasty move by Google threw me to WordPress.  Please be patient as I learn the ins and outs…the learning curve is large.  You can find the old blog still standing (in all its imperfect glory) here:  She Survives

Isla Giatta (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time Anyway) will be a little less preparation/survival/political and a little more “us.”  Chronicling our misadventures in semi-urban (read:  small town)…for now…homesteading, eating as local as possible, changing our lifestyles (diet, fitness, etc) and just in general living.  Recipes, ideas, more triumphs and failures all to be shared.  I do hope you hang around for the ride…given our past experiences, it’s sure to be a wild one!



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