Weekend Warrior…

okay, so not a weekend warrior.

But I did manage to be semi-productive this weekend. I went through and trashed/recycled old magazines, shredded old paperwork (no, I did not file the keeper stuff but it is in a nice pile on the desk), shut down my Etsy, and made a trip up to the in-laws.

I know, overly ambitious, aren’t I?

Oh, oh…I did get in making hotel reservations for our fall trip and price comparing tickets and such. I also actually made a dedicated savings/budget plan for this one too. Whether or not it gets followed, well…we shall see.

Reasoning…I shut down my Etsy because honestly the market is saturated, I pay too much for too little traffic, and there have been approximately zero sales in the past two years. I can list free on FB and take direct PayPal payments without the overhead on anything that might actually sell. Even then I still get to deal with the whole “I can get the same thing at (insert box store) for less.” An argument that I no longer justify spending time on.

At any rate, it’s no longer money coming out of the pocket for listings that go nowhere and ads that don’t work.

I suppose I could always see about craft fairs.


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