What I Do….

I’m a homeschooling mom. But not one of those ones that the phrase generally brings to mind. I’m one of those pretty much hands-off but giving a guiding hand kind of homeschooling moms that prefers her students (because they are my students during “school” hours) explore and learn about what they are interested in.

Now, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a set of rules…they have to give me at least an hour a day in Math, a “chapter” a day each in Biology (our Science right now) and World History (our current Social Studies or whatever they’re calling it now). We work on Grammar when we work on papers. We work on languages all the time really (random conversations in German, smatterings of Spanish and French along with a few signs in ASL as we learn them).

In other words, we’re structured but not structured. They learn, the time demands keep rebellion at bay, they still get their own time to game or whatever, and I still have time to do my other work.

I’m not only doing transcription work (as previously discussed) but I am also an Independent Ambassador for Plexus. I am also a customer. Yes, I use it…a lot of it. It’s part of my personal health routine, along with yoga and making an attempt at healthier eating (I really tried going strict Whole30 and Paleo…I apparently don’t do strict anything). It has helped with my occasional insane cravings, horrible acne and is helping me kick my tobacco habit (Chantix did NOTHING for that btw and only exacerbated my insomnia).

I spend an inordinate amount of time researching whatever topic catches my attention. Seriously. I usually do this while the Spawn are educating (we all sit in the same room together while they work).

I’ve tried transcribing while they educate…it usually doesn’t end well because we tend to get into discussions about what they’re learning making concentrating on work difficult. So I usually do that work late at night after everyone else is gone to bed. The Plexus work, well…it’s mostly me chatting on social media to friends that show interest because I’m not a pusher when it comes to things like this. Everyone has their own timeline to discovery, I’ll be here when they’re ready.

I read….I used to read A LOT. I’m a notoriously fast reader when the mood strikes. If the mood is not there, however, I can go weeks or months without even glancing at a book. Same with knitting. When the mood strikes, I can knock out several projects in a week. When it doesn’t a project will sit forever, possibly even be frogged and the yarn re-skeined.

I pin so many things on Pinterest that I’ll never do or try, just because they look cool or fun. I have a huge collection of recipes on there that look delicious to me but will fail with the Spawn, so they are my “someday” recipes. That board is private because I’ve titled it “Someday They’ll Be Gone” and I don’t want people to think I’m wishing them ill, ya know?

I am outspoken, I curse (some would say too much), I love to eat, I hate to run (usually). I used to enjoy things that I no longer enjoy and question whether I really enjoyed them in the first place or only did them because I was expected to enjoy them.

I long for a rootless existence of traveling about while still wishing for a place tucked away somewhere to grow vegetables and raise chickens.

Oh mercy…what I do is contradict, apparently.


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