Extended Planning….

It’s what’s happening.

A small wrench, kink, wrinkle, whatever in the plan to go full time. Spousal Unit has to wait approximately 2 more years before he can take early retirement.  Okay, fine. Give me more time to put plans into action.

And make more plans and lists and entertain ideas.

Of course, this mandatory wait also means we now have to decide if we want to buy a house since we’ll likely be staying in place for an extended period of time or if we want to continue to rent. Ideally, we’d find a little house far below our max budget and happily save away until the Freedom Date. However, the little town that we currently reside in (as close to TN as we can get without actually being in TN) is one of those that think very highly of properties and prices them to match.

Fingers crossed we get lucky.

We are under contract until the beginning of December for our current rental, so plenty of time yet left to decide what we really want to do.

In the meantime, the minimalizing continues. I’m still working on paperwork reduction and filing. It’s difficult to decide what needs to be kept and what can go since it has been our experience that something gets trashed after 3-5 years and bam, we need it for some reason or another. Taking suggestions on that one if you’ve got any good ideas.

And now I’m off to shirk responsibilities and binge watch documentaries on Curiositystream (you need this in your life if you are a documentary geek like myself, btw).


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